When a person is arrested, it’s often their actions after the arrest that add on other charges or that increase the chance they’ll be convicted of the crime. A person who is arrested will want to make sure they know how to handle being arrested so they can get to the point where they can contact a lawyer and start getting the help they need for their case.

Be Polite and Follow Instructions

When someone is stopped by the police, they should be as polite as possible. They should also make sure they follow all the instructions. If the police tell them to pull over while they’re driving, they will want to pull over as quickly as possible and have their driver’s license and other information ready for the officer. If they are asked to step out of the car, they should do so. If they fight or try to resist, they could be charged with resisting arrest or more serious charges.

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Speak as Little as Possible

While they will need to speak with the officers some, they will want to avoid saying anything that could be incriminating. They will want to tell the officer who they are, but they will want to avoid trying to hide anything, lying, or giving the officer any information that could be used against them. Lawyers like those from Wallin & Klarich recommend invoking the right to a lawyer immediately and not saying anything further.

Do Not Offer Permission to Search

If an officer does not have permission to search the person’s home or vehicle, they need to show they had probable cause. If they cannot do this, the evidence may be dismissed, which can lead to the charges being dismissed. If the officers have permission to search a home or vehicle, the criminal defense lawyer may not be able to argue against the evidence and it may be more likely the person is convicted. It’s better to make the officers prove they had a reason to search than to potentially hand them evidence that can be used in court.

If you’ve been arrested, these tips can help you avoid further issues and get a better outcome for your case. Once you are booked into the local jail, you’ll want to start working with one of the best criminal lawyers so they can help you with your case. Visit the website for Riverside Criminal Lawyers now to learn more about how to handle things going forward and how they can help with your case.

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